Episode 5: Meet Scott Martin, Multipassionate Marketing Entrepreneur (Part 2)

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Welcome to the Oceanriders Podcast, conversations with creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers and dreamers who also happen to be surfers.

Episode 5 is the second part of my conversation with Scott Martin. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to it, I highly recommend downloading the first part (Episode 4) because it’s packed with really interesting and useful information, and Scott is an amazing storyteller.

In the previous episode, Scott described what it is to be ambitiously lazy, what he does as a Multipassionate Marketing Entrepreneur in his consulting business Groundswell Marketing. We talk about the implications of growth marketing and what it takes to generate passive income.

In today’s Episode, we focus on Scott’s roller-coaster personal development journey with Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck, and how these experiences have helped him boost his personal and professional life. You might recall in the previous episode, Scott mentions his epiphany when he gets stranded at Miami airport without enough money to fly home. By picking up a Tony Robbins book,

and applying the principles, he got a free ticket back to Canada and launched himself on the route to success. Well in this episode, we get to find out what he’s been up to for the past year, and how the same Tony Robbins has helped him make positive changes all throughout his life.


We then explore what it is to have a value proposition for your own business and talk about business models that are designed to give back to communities. Scott has a really interesting view on this and his experience is paving the way to innovative business models. A few years ago, Scott created an online community called Surf Art World and he shares his experience of creating a community (and now several communities) without having to create any content! So if you are a business owner or digital entrepreneur, his idea to work with competition instead of compete with it is downright genius.

Finally, we get to talk about surfing, how it all started in Scott’s life, and how he weaves surfing into his work/life balance.

Thank you Scott for being such a fun guest to talk to!

To connect with Scott, it’s really easy, you can visit his Instagram pages, starting with @scottmartin_org, his marketing consultancy www.groundswell.marketing and his latest business venture www.swellness.co Scott and his associate Mallory have launched a 6 week surfer strong challenge this November on their website, and you’re invited to join the party : just connect to www.swellness.co As you noticed, Scott has also dozens of other communities that he manages from Surfartworld to Outdoor.eco. The updated list of communities you can join are below.

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Thank you ever so much for listening.

Until next week, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!




What inspired Scott to go on a personal development journey :

The .eco domain

Buy to give companies

Scott’s Online Communities :

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