Episode 13: Meet Bruno Monteferri, Big Waverider, Environmental Lawyer and Filmmaker

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Show Notes

Today I am taking you to Lima (Peru) where I meet conservationist, lobbyist, filmmaker and environmental lawyer Bruno Monteferri.

Bruno is former semi professional tennis player gone green, and one amazing human who is leading Peru into becoming one of the spearhead nations for Nature Conservation.

Among other titles, Bruno Monteferri created Conservamos por Naturaleza, an NGO facilitating the organisation of events, cleanups and sustainable initiatives.

In our conversation we get to know Bruno a bit better, as he introduces us to some of the projects he’s leading at the moment. There are so many that it’s quite hard to keep up as he’s involved in protecting the waves, the rivers and the Rainforests of Peru.

Bruno’s latest creation, “A La Mar”, is a documentary sponsored by Patagonia and Save the Waves, retracing the story of La Ley de Rompientes (the law of the breaks) ; La Ley De Rompientes is a groundbreaking Peruvian law that has been protecting surf breaks for the past 20 years. It’s thanks to this law that Chicama has been preserved from man-made ocean infrastructure such as piers and oil rigs. What was really interesting, was that in the early 2000’s a bunch of surfers dared to grasp the nettle to defend their local breaks. With a lot of dedication, political and technical work, this community of surfers managed to create the legal basis of a law that is now implemented nationwide.

A LA MAR – Teaser from Conservamos por Naturaleza on Vimeo.

A la mar has been screened at the Adventure film Festival, FicSurf and the TNF Mountain film festival but it was made to be shared, so Bruno is offering to send it to whoever wants to get a copy. Hopefully by sharing it overseas, it will inspire surfers from all around the world to start influencing our leaders to change policies and protect more surf breaks. So don’t hesitate to contact Bruno to get hold of a copy.
On a more “surfy” perspective, Bruno gives us a guided tour of the best surf spots to visit if you are in Lima and shares his tips on preparing to ride Pico Alto, the Peruvian Mavericks.

To get in touch with Bruno, you can contact him via email, see what he’s doing in his NGO Conservamos Por Naturaleza. www.Hazlaportuolas.pe is the non profit in charge of protecting the waves of Peru and all donations go towards paying for the technical studies indispensable to prove the existence of surf breaks. Without the proof that the surf breaks exist, they cannot be enlisted as surf reserves.

As you will be able to see in the Links section of this article, there are all the links to the books and projects mentioned in this episode.

And to all you listeners out there, thank you for listening, it’s such a delight to make these podcasts and even more of a pleasure to know that you are listening.

Thank you Bruno for being such an inspiring guest!

Until next week, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!





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