Episode 30: Meet Alexandra Lia, founder of SoulSurfer and Seatizens

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Listen to the episode here

Show Notes

This week I got to sit down for a chat with Alexandra Lia. I must admit this talk was an incredible cosmic journey through the mind, the body and the soul. You could say Alexandra is a half German half Greek goddess: she is a creative, a filmmaker and a therapist who runs a platform called Soul Surfer, a place for people to find wellness through meditation, workshops and coaching via the healing properties of water.

Almost an instant after having met, Alexandra and I were connected. In fact, just a few minutes into our chat, we were both in tears on either side of our Skype screens and the outcome is a fascinating conversation about her journey and how her profession found her in a serendipitous way.

Alexandra’s story is an odyssey of healing. Without spoiling the whole tale, Alexandra had an incredibly traumatic experience that sent her into a severe depression.

“It wasn’t till my brother brought the Endless Summer DVD home. And there was a first time in years where somewhere around my belly my solar plexus I could feel a Fairy Light tickling. A gentle awakening to actual joy. And I looked at my brother and I just pointed out my hand and I pointed out to the screen and he looks at me: “do you want to do that?” “ Yes”. And I just nodded my head and started crying to have found something again that would bring meaning to my life.”

Years after drifting from doctor to doctor and from medication to medication, her super open-minded parents introduced her to a Kahuna:

“They would bring home shamans, natural medicine men and women, healers from any type of culture. And I’m sure we had an Imam, we had a Sufi Elder, we had a woman who practices Healing Arts with pure energy. We also had a Kahuna at home. A Kahuna is a wisdom keeper from Hawaii. Huna meaning the sacred legacy of mysticism the wisdom of the Hawaiian culture. And he came home and he saw me, and I saw him and it was a sensation of remembering, remembering in terms of this being in front of me is not new. “I know this being from somewhere”, and he looked at my parents and we were all sitting in a circle and he opened up a sacred ceremony with water and said “your daughter is not ill, your daughter is not crazy. It’s just that in your culture of western perceptions right now, you don’t have the capacity yet to embed a person going through these states. With understanding and compassion and realizing that, this person is merely in a different state of being which doesn’t mean she is not functioning or she is forever ill or she needs to take medication. And that allowed me for the first time to feel seen, to feel understood and feel an ease. And this is when my actual journey started into the healing arts and into understanding how many ancient indigenous tribes and cultures have such a deep holistic perception of the human being. And of the interconnectivity of body-mind state, nature never being outside of us, never being disconnected from that, to basically invite me to learn from him. And with every learning, healing took place.”

This encounter lead Alexandra to learn to surf

“The mind blowing the soul blowing epiphany that I was granted happened when I tapped into the water and I started learning to surf, which I think was an act to prove to myself that I can outgrow what had happened to me. When I tapped into the water, when I entered the waters I felt I’m entering a body a live body, a live body that is so ancient and so forgiving and so loving that she can show me the way to heal. And she did.”

“I feel that a lot of surfers can relate to that the sensation of being gently rocked. It felt like I was allowing myself to be a baby again and being gently rocked in my mother’s arms and loved. And I only found out just recently when a woman is pregnant the water that surrounds the embryo is salt water! Isn’t that beautiful?”

Alexandra and I pursue our chat and explore the extraordinary properties of water and its memory!

Alexandra also exposes her next project to come : Seatizens, a film series about a voyage around the world meeting up with sea citizens, that we should be hearing about soon…

To connect with Alexandra, you can skip to her website http://www.alexandralia.com or her Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/____alia________/.

Thank you so much Alexandra for being an amazing guest and for sharing your story with so much grace and confidence.

Thank YOU for listening!

Until next episode, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!




Alexandra’s website : www.alexandralia.com
Alexandra’s instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/____alia________/

Alexandra’s Meditation podcasts and videos:

Book : The Blue Mind

Professor Emoto’s work on the memory of water : https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/

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