Episode 15: Meet Al Mennie, Multipassionate Big Wave Surfer

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Listen to the episode here

This week, I got to sit down and chat with Al Mennie to talk about his latest book Overcome or Succumb, a book all about facing fear, anxiety and panic, in a goal to conquer life.

Anxiety and Fear affect millions of people to varying degrees across the world and appear to be a growing issue despite lots of research and resources available in how to handle them. Al believes his experience surfing some of the biggest waves on the planet has lead him to understand anxiety, fear and panic and allowed him to handle lots of everyday situations with a similar approach.

Show Notes

Disclaimer: in this episode, Al shares some of his experience big wave surfing. By all means, do not try to do what Al does without the proper training, research and team. As Al would put it : “before practicing skills, be sure your equipment is well maintained and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and comfort level.”

Back to my guest, Al Mennie.

Al, is a true big wave legend, he’s an expert in fear management. He’s been at it for years. He is one of the rare surfers who was out on the lineup the same day that Garret McNamara set his 100ft world record in Nazaré. In fact, his name is in the Nazaré hall of fame!

I pick Al’s brains about what it’s like to surf Nazaré, and his answer gave me shivers.

“You think you’re a big wave surfer until you go to Nazare. It is a different league (…) Not word of a lie, it’s terrifying” — Al Mennie

We talk about how to manage fear and Al shares his knowledge of how he apprehends surfing deathly waves such as Nazare and Mavericks.

But beyond these physical and mental achievements that have placed Al in the elite club of big waveriders , Al is a true multipotenalite. He has written 5 books (and is about to publish his 6th), he is a model, he’s an actor in a number of TV series, he’s a stuntman, a motivational speaker, a martial arts teacher and runs a property development business!

In our conversation we get to know Al a bit better. We talk about his latest book Overcome or Succumb, which is a gripping tale of how he prepares for big wave surfing, and how he manages to face fear in the most terrifying situations. Al also explains the positive effects of dealing with fear and how it has opened up countless opportunities.

We also take a while talking about Al’s different skills that he’s been flexing over the years which enable him to continue to live the dream of surfing and training for massive waves, and craft a balanced lifestyle.

“Flex all your skills, because (…), if you don’t develop every one of your skills throughout your entire life, then you run the risk of being vulnerable at some point. In various years some things take a downturn. So you need to have other things in life, other strings to your bow, to be able to make sure that you have the flexibility, the time and the money to survive those downturns to still go surfing every day.” — Al Mennie

There’s a lot of wisdom to be taken from this episode.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Al for being such a delightful guest!

Until next week, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves.




To get hold of the Al’s book, Overcome or Succomb, connect to Al’s website where you will also find all Al’s achievements, videos, martial arts training courses and much more
You can follow Al on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Al_Mennie

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