Episode 17: Meet Tupi Cabrera, Founder of Longboardarian

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I loved this episode. I got to have a chat with Tupi Cabrera, an iconic longboarder from Puerto Rico, who has been living a love-story with longboarding since the day he discovered the film The Endless Summer. About a year and a half ago, he launched Longboardarian, a personal brand and online business to promote longboarding around the world.

Tupi has just started a podcast: The Longboardarian Podcast, and as a fellow podcaster, I thought it would be nice to give him an opportunity to share his story…

Show Notes

In our episode, Tupi share’s his personal story. We get to find out what it was like to own a surf shop in Puerto Rico and spend years building a business venture based on surfing. Once he sold his surf shop, it was a new beginning:

“I became a part time surf bum pretty much to celebrate life! It was like the shackles of that business broke, and I felt freedom and my surfing, was just the way to recuperate from everything. I took full advantage of it. I had a little nest of money from the sale and I was lucky enough, I was housesitting in Aguadilla so I didn’t need to have a surf van. I was housesitting a house that was located next to my local surf spot that was an insane house and I took full advantage of it. After 2 years I realized “Shit I have to start working because my nest was starting to evaporate””. — Tupi Cabrera

Fast forward a few years and Tupi had moved from Puerto Rico to Lake Tahoe with his wife. There, he decided to launch Longboardarian as a personal project. When his wife got a job in Ventura, California, it was as if the planets had aligned: Tupi was moving to the longboarding Mecca.
We talk about The Longboardarian Podcast and I pick his brains about how he’s working on building his personal online business “Longboardarian”.

“My favorite part of Longboardarian is interacting with all these characters and personalities that make our culture of longboard surfing. I feel like we all share the same passion, pretty much. And going to all these events and meeting, all those characters and personalities is just very fulfilling. So yes it like I’m on ecstasy, I’m in ecstasy when I’m surrounded by great longboarders and people that share my passion.” — Tupi Cabrera

For me, this personally rings a bell too. This is what I love about making The Oceanriders Podcast. What is really refreshing is Tupi’s pioneering and innovating spirit, he’s a walking longboard encyclopedia and is a really fun guy to talk to.

I also really admire the way Tupi is never giving up on educating himself and investing time into creating a passive income. Every day, he works hard at enlightening people’s lives with interesting longboarding stories. There’s a lot of knowledge in the episode so I hope you can take a few things from Tupi’s wisdom.

“I’m lucky enough that I am doing something that I’m passionate about and I think if you have any type of mission, job, project or whatever you want to call it, that you are in love with, every time you accomplish a little step that’s so fulfilling, that feels so good. ” — Tupi Cabrera

To find Tupi online, check out longboardarian.com where you can find his Podcast, apparel and links to his Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/longboardarian/ He’s really active on IG and well worth a follow.

Thank you Tupi for being such a kind guest and I wish you all the best with your new podcast!

Until next week, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!




To find Tupi online, check out longboardarian.com where you can find Tupi’s Podcast, apparel and links to his Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/longboardarian/

Find Tupi’s podcast here: https://www.longboardarian.com/blogs/podcast/the-longboardarian-podcast

In the episode we talk about
The Endless Summer

  • Ben Aipa, shaper of “Da Sting”, Tupi’s first board: https://aipasurf.com/surfboards/
  • Sue B Zimmermann for her business knowledge : https://suebzimmerman.com/
  • Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuck), the fuel for online entrepreneurs: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/ Crushing it has some amazing case studies:

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