Episode 25: Meet Janaya Wilkins, CEO of SLO active

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Today’s episode is a chat with Janaya Wilkins, who is from New Zealand and who has just last week, launched a kickstarter campaign for her very own eco-friendly luxury oceanwear brand called SLO active.

Show Notes

In this episode Janaya shares her story. She was born and raised a surfer, and spent the first years growing up on the shores of New Zealand until she moved to London to follow her master’s degree. Obviously the contrast between Castle Point and London is huge. But that didn’t stop Janaya from caring for the Ocean and having the SLO active project in mind. The business that launched on Kickstarter last week is an exciting new venture that involves philantropy, eco-friendly and ethical garments, luxury swimwear and activism.

In this episode we talk about social enterprises. Basically, SLO active is a social enterprise which manufactures luxury oceanwear and adds activism into the equation. Janaya walks us through what this involves. We talk about how she has become an expert in garment design, plastic pollution, slow fashion, compensating carbon emissions, creating cradle to cradle products and contributing to ocean-friendly charities.

It’s really exciting to find out how all the pieces of the puzzle join together and the process and the time it has taken Janaya to get to where she is today. In fact, we also find out how she dared to drop her day job and spend most of her time on this exciting new business.

SLO active’s kickstarter campaign started last week and is still on as this podcast drops. Early birds will get special prices on the elegant and super soft swimwear designed by Janaya herself.

I love the way Janaya used her former experience to freelance and bridge the financial gap between dropping the day job and going all in to Slo active. She’s put her life savings into this business.

I also love the whole slow movement that is attached to this project. It is definitely something to look into if you want to support meaningful and sustainable products and practices.

We didn’t get around to talking about this but on the SLO active’s Instagram account, Janaya encourages followers to pick up at least 5 pieces of trash on each nature encounter. It’s not too difficult to do, but, believe me, it does make you feel a tiny bit better about the planet.

You can look up SLO active’s kickstarter campaign on kickstarter.com. 



Alternatively you can go to sloactive.com where the Kickstarter campaign is on the homepage. The campaign finishes on 29 June, so it’s worth making the most of the great offers before all the good deals run out! You can also follow SLO active on Instagram at @slo.active.

Thank you Janaya for being such a fabulous guest. And thank you guys for listening!

Until next week, take care have fun and enjoy the waves!




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